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Trading Instruments - FMTrader binary options


FMTrader offers its traders a variety of trading strategies from which they can choose the one that fits them best based on their trading experience, profit target and desired returns and personal inclination.

Binary Option Trade

To be engaged in binary options trade, you will have to estimate correctly the general direction to which the asset will move by the time the option expires. You have only two possibilities (hence the term ‘binary’) – either the prices goes up or it goes down. If your assessment has turned out to be correct, you will be in the money and will enjoy up to 90% return on your investment.
Binary trade derives its greatest advantage from simplicity. It is one of the easiest ways to trade and make significant profits.
To use the FMtrader platform all you need to do is to
a) decide which asset you want to trade (indices, stocks, forex, commodities)
b) click on CALL if you think that by the time the option expires, asset price will be higher than its current price or PUT if you think price will go down.
c) wait for the actual results
d) collect your profits
Trading binary options comes with a few notable advantages:
1) Simplicity – The trade is straightforward. It does not require extensive trading experience in the global markets or any special financial expertise. All you need to do is predict whether the price of an asset will rise or fall.
2) Limited risk – Binary trade does not include buying an asset. In addition, you are constantly aware of how much you may win or lose. That gives you considerable control over your investment.
3) High profit potential – Even a very small shift in the price in the right direction is enough to put you “in the money” and enable you to reap tidy profits.
4) Precision – Options expire at predetermined fixed times. That allows you to plan your investment ahead and trade on multiple time frames, thus maximizing your earning possibilities.

One Touch Options


One Touch binary trade is based on predicting a fixed price target for a certain asset in advance. If during trade before the option expires, the asset “touches” the price you had predicted, you are in the money, and you will make substantial profit.
A Little More Challenging but Much More Profitable
One Touch trade might be a little more challenging. Unlike standard binary trade in which the trader only needs to assess the general direction of an asset’s price (up or down), One Touch trade requires the trader to predict whether the asset’s value will be higher or lower than a specific price.
For example if the price of an oil barrel closes at $56 on Friday, then the FMTrader’s platform will present 2 options– one for a CALL, i.e. the price of a barrel will surpass $57.5 at least once in the coming week or PUT meaning the price will fall to $55.
The reward for predicting correctly is enormous –up to 500% Return on your Investments!
Outstanding Payout
One Touch Binary Option are becoming more and more popular among investors since they create remarkable opportunities for making the most money possible in option trading. What is more, your investment does not depend on the option’s expiry time. Once price target is achieved, you are in the profit zone.
Terms of Trade
One Touch Options are available on weekends. They can be purchased from Saturday 12:00 AM – Sunday 19:00 PM. The trade begins on Monday at 12:00 AM and lasts until Friday 17:00 PM.
The option will be purchased based on the price units provided by the website. The options will be sampled in a time span of 5 days (Monday – Friday) once per day based on Reuters 17:00 Sample rate.
The payout to which the client is entitled in respect of commercial activity will be deposited in his / her account on the option’s expiration date (Friday 8 PM), even if the option’s terms have not been fulfilled before the end of the period.
Option payout conditions may change. They can be viewed on the trading box under the “one touch” folder. For additional information, see Expiry rate rules.

60 Seconds Trade

FMTrader’s platform offers you one of the fastest online trading strategies. Traders who are into rapid trade full of excitement and adrenalin rush with prospects of instant profits, will definitely benefit from the 60 Second Trade strategy. This strategy is ideal for traders who are able to instantaneously translate tiny fluctuations in the market into high returns and tidy profits.
Unlike other types of options, 60 Seconds Trade options are marked by extremely short expiry time of 30, 60 or 120 seconds. All you need is the slightest change in the right direction to occur in less than a minute to be in the money.
Simply choose the asset you want to trade and decide how much you want to invest. Then click CALL if you estimate that the price will exceed current level during the next 60 seconds or PUT if you believe it will decrease. Finally click on START to begin trading.
To increase your chances of success, we strongly recommend closely following market trends while keeping updated regarding new developments. You can do that by viewing the various financial data publish on FMTrader’s website including breaking news and the economic reviews that are published on a daily and a weekly basis.
Advanced Trading
FMTrader’s platform offers its traders advanced trading strategies to enable them to maximize profits and minimize losses. These strategies fit more experienced investors who are familiar with market trends and who are able to efficiently follow and respond to its changing dynamics.
Roll Over allows investors to postpone the expiry date of a binary option while Double Up enables them to increase their investment in an active option – in accordance with the relevant market situation.

Roll Over

Traders with an open position which is expected to lose (the option will be out of the money) may choose to “roll” it to the next expiry date while hoping for more favorite conditions that will allow them to end trade while they are in the money.

The terms for applying the Roll Over strategy

• The position must be inclining towards a direction opposite to the trader’s prediction; that is, the trader is facing possible loses.
• A trader may choose to roll over every option only once. FMTrader may require the investor to add up to 30% to the initial option price.
• An option can be rolled over no later than 15 minutes prior to expiry time.
• The Roll Over strategy can only be applied for short-term options or for options with a specific expiry date. It cannot be used for open options.

Additional requirements

1) There has to be an open option available for the next expiry date.
2) It is not possible to roll over an option to the last position at the end of the trading day.

Buy Me Out
This strategy allows the option holder to bail out up to one hour before expiry time regardless of whether he is in a winning or losing position. Exist rates will be calculated based on variables that are relevant to each asset separately (e.g. asset’s volatility and time left till expiry)
Buy Me Out can be carried out only via the PRO TRADER platform and only when the graph is in the blue zone.

Buy Me Out Assets

Indices Stocks Commodities Forex Couples

Double Up

This useful strategy is meant for traders with an open option who have reason to believe the market is leaning in their favor and therefore are interested in increasing their investment and consequently their profit prospects. The investment will be doubled based on the current price of the asset on the market and not on the option’s strike price.
In fact, this strategy allows for the “duplication” of an option. It is available for all assets and is not limited by the number of times it can be applied.