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Safety Of Funds

 FMTrader safeguarding investors funds

FMTrader fully recognizes the importance of safeguarding investors’ funds. Our primary aim is to provide our clients with the safest investment environment where they can concentrated solely on trading without having to worry about the security of their funds.

Therefore, FMTrader operates according to a stringent security protocol which consists of the following:

1) Clients’ funds are entirely segregated from the company’s funds. This measure is taken to guarantee that in the unlikely event of insolvency, clients’ funds will not be used to pay off creditors.

2) Clients’ funds are deposited only in recognized international banks.

3) FMTrader’s activities are constantly monitored and audited by professional accounting firms.

4) As an established financial institute, FMTrader follows the strictest anti-money laundering and fraud prevention regulations. To prevent the unlawful practices of identity theft and other related online criminal activities, we require our clients to authenticate and validate their identity by presenting identification details and documents. These procedures are used upon opening an account and/or withdrawing funds. For further details, please refer to our compliance police. FMTrader apologized in advance for any inconvenience tis policy may cause.

5) FMTrader applies the most advanced cyber protection measures including SSL encryption through the HTTPS secure web site protocol. Our Technological Division is composed of leading experts in the field of cyber security. They are constantly on the alert so as to effectively respond to new threats as they emerge.