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Islamic Account

Islamic  trading account -  FMTrader

In accordance with the Islamic Sharia, we, at FMTrader, believe that investors, who have faith in and follow the Islamic belief, should be able to hold interest free trading accounts.

FMTrader’s Islamic trading accounts are interest or swap free. Customers who are eligible for obtaining these accounts are not faced with any additional charges or with any financial penalties whatsoever, no matter what type/s of positions they have opened in our advanced online trading platform.

FMTrader Islamic Trading Account terms & conditions include the following: 

1.  ‘No Riba’ Policy:
Our FMTrader ‘No Riba’ policy enables eligible clients to keep their trading positions opened for an unlimited amount of time without having to suffer any charges or penalties from any kind whatsoever.

Please bear in mind that in the event that this unique privilege will be abused, FMTrader may, at its sole discretion, withdraw its ‘No Riba’ policy with offending investors by sending a 48 hours e-mail notification before.

2.  Hibah (Gift or Donation):
FMTrader’s Islamic traders are also eligible for the opportunity to voluntarily present ‘hibah’ or gifts onto organizations in return for loans.

3.  Musharaka (Joint Venture):
Holders of FMTrader Islamic trading accounts can also enjoy the thrilling benefit of using Musharaka.
Keeping that in mind, they have the ability to activate partnerships or joint ventures with other traders,with the intent to distribute profits and losses in accordance to a predetermined ratio. As soon as an Islamic trading account holder has been approved, he/she will be able to choose between any of our account types, such as the limited account, standard account, executive account, bronze account, silver account or gold account.

This offer stays applicable regardless of any offered leverage as well as the type of currency you opened your trading account with. FMTrader will make sure that you are also able to enjoy its ‘unbiased and principled’ trading policy by not having to face any hidden charges, fees or spreads.

Specifically, we would like you to pay close attention to the fact that FMTrader Islamic Accounts offer more in many aspects than similar accounts offered by other brokers.

For example, while using FMTrader SWAP FEE accounts, you can always be fully assured that you will not be faced with additional charges or fees in any way. Furthermore, you can be fully assured that FMTrader will not try to attempt and disguise any hidden swap fees on your Islamic account in any way.

Since we highly acknowledge your private and personal tradition, we respect and appreciate you as one of our most valuable assets. You can always have complete confidence in our ‘unbiased and principled’ trading policies.

Make sure you open an Islamic Account with FMTrader today!