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60 Seconds

FMTrader 60 Second trading options

If you are looking for an electrifying trading experience, instead of dipping your toes, jump in headfirst and try the exciting 60 Second trading options.

With 60 second trading you can trade just as fast as the market is moving.

If you know there is a fantastic opportunity on the EUR/USD, chances are it’s not going to change vastly in the next 60 seconds. This is where you can capitalise on the fast pace of the global financial markets.

60 second options offers traders the opportunity to actually double their accounts in literally minutes. You are able to open multiple trades at one time, meaning you can take a trade in each direction at the same time. Trading 60 Seconds is probably the most riveting form of trading online.
By following market trends and using smart money management 60 second trading could be your chance to gain from the ever growing Binary Options trading market.

Up to 70% payout in just 60 seconds!

When trading on the 60 seconds, choose your asset, select your investment, decide to ‘Call’ or ‘Put’ and you are ready to go! One minute later and you can be ‘In the money’.

Unlike other Binary Options, the 60 Second Options are accessible 24/7. Our top brokers will assist you with all the techniques and strategies to maximise your profitability.
Your profits are directly added to your FMTrader account.

To start trading 60 seconds with FMTrader, click here to open an account